Why is My Cauliflower Purple?

You are growing cauliflower and suspect it to be white. But when the cauliflower is ready to be picked, you see with a shock that it turned purple. A deep purple. Something you have never seen before. 

Now, you might be wondering why is your cauliflower purple. Is this something that you can fix or can you still eat your cauliflower, even if it is purple instead of white? This is some interesting information about your purple cauliflower. Information that you never know existed. 

Why Does Cauliflower Turn Purple?

why is there purple on my cauliflower

No, it has nothing to do with the type of cauliflower that you have planted. All cauliflower seeds are for white cauliflowers. It has to do with the growing process.

Cauliflower is a cool vegetable. Meaning that it wants to grow in a cool area with cool temperatures. The hotter your weather is, the more purple your cauliflower might turn out. There are even reports that some cauliflower grown with blue and red pigments. It has all to do with the weather and the amount of sun that the cauliflower is getting. If you have purple cauliflower, it doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong.

Is It Safe to Eat Purple Cauliflower?

Now that you have purple cauliflower, is it safe to eat it? Or, should you rather throw the cauliflower away? 

One thing that you need to know is that just because the cauliflower is purple, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t edible. It is just as edible as the white cauliflower. It is just purple in color. You can cook it as normal, but the purple might turn greyish when you are cooking the purple cauliflower. But, the taste of the cauliflower will remain the same. 

Different Ways to Prevent Cauliflower From Going Purple

why is my cauliflower going purple

The good news is that there are ways to prevent your cauliflower from going purple. This is especially important to know if you don’t like purple cauliflower. 

It might be a good idea to plant your cauliflower in the cooler months. And not to wait until the summer before planting this vegetable. Or, you can make sure that you are planting it in an area where the plants are only going to get shade. And, keeping the soil cool and moist all the time also helps with preventing purple cauliflower. 

The other thing that you can do, to ensure that your cauliflower stays white is to blanching your cauliflower as it’s growing. You can do this by covering the cauliflower head by covering the leaves of the plant over the actual cauliflower. This will prevent it from getting too hot and turning purple. 

Purple Cauliflower is Something That Many People Prefer

This might come as a surprise, but many people prefer the purple cauliflower over the white ones. There are claims that children will eat colorful vegetables a lot easier as well. There are claims that purple cauliflower is healthier with more nutrients than white cauliflower. It is because of the ingredient that is coloring the cauliflower purple. But, this is something that is still under investigation and not proven yet. 

So, there are people that are growing purple cauliflower on purpose. Making sure that they are enjoying their purple vegetables. Some vegetable stores are selling purple and white cauliflowers, but in general, it is a lot harder to find the purple ones. And, it is more expensive as well. 

How to Keep Your Purple Cauliflower Purple When Cooking

why does my cauliflower look purple

If you ever have cooked purple cauliflower before, you might have seen that your purple cauliflower has turned grey after it has been cooked. Looking not delicious at all. This is one of the reasons why people don’t like cooking with purple cauliflower. 

However, there is one secret that you can use to ensure that your purple cauliflower stays purple, even after cooking. You just need to add something acidy with the cauliflower. Something like vinegar, baking soda, etc. You don’t need a large amount of acid to ensure the purple stays vibrant. A small amount will also do. 

When you are following a recipe for purple cauliflower, you will always see that there is an ingredient that is known for its acid qualities. Besides the acid that you need to add, you can cook the cauliflower as normal. 


You have grown your own cauliflower for the first time. And to your horror, your cauliflower turned out purple. This isn’t something that you should be worried about.

The cauliflower is still edible. It can make a colorful plate with the purple cauliflower, instead of the white ones. But, if you don’t like the purple cauliflower, there are some ways that you can prevent it from happening.

With this guide, you will get to know everything about purple cauliflower, and why it might have happened to you. 

Why Are My Tomatillos So Small?

For many tomatillos are a great treat. Some are making jams with it. And this is why they are growing tomatillo trees. However, the one question that so many people are asking is why their tomatillos are so small. Or, why are there husks that are empty without any tomatillos? 

If you want to make sure that your tomatillo tree has the right size tomatillos and that you won’t get empty tomatillo husks, then you need to make sure about a couple of things. Especially if this is the first time that you are growing tomatillos. 

Why Are the Tomatillos So Small Sometimes?

why are my tomatillos so small

Why are the tomatillos so small, when the husks burst open and the fruit is ready to be picked? This is a concern that many are struggling with. And, there are a couple of reasons why this can happen.

The humidity is playing a big role in the size of your tomatillos. This is why some years you have the largest tomatillos that you have ever seen. And, sometimes they are small and really not worth eating. With high humidity, there isn’t much that you can do about it, but you can spray the tree with water to ensure that it stays moist. 

There Might Even Be Problems With Tomatillos With Empty Husks

If you have problems with tomatillos that are really small, then you even might have problems with empty husks. Where the tomatillo didn’t go from flower and blossom to actual fruit. 

Again, there might be a lot of reasons for this, and humidity is playing a big role in it. However, it can also be because you only have one tree in your yard for growing tomatillos. 

The Main Reason for This

why are my tomatillos so small

The main reason for small fruit or no fruit at all is maybe because you have only one tree in your yard for growing tomatillos. With some fruit, you might need to have more than one tree to get pollinated by bees and insects. If you have only one tree, then it is harder for bees to pollinate the tree and to turn flowers into fruit.

The other reason might be because there aren’t enough insects in your garden to pollinate the trees for the tomatillos to grow in large healthy fruit. And, as we said before humidity is also playing a big part. Not getting enough water for the fruit to grow is another reason for small fruit. 

Guide in Making Sure That Your Tomatillo Tree is Healthy

If you want to make sure that your tomatillo tree has healthy and large fruit, then you need to make sure that your tomatillo tree is healthy. Giving it the right nutrients at the right time. Watering and the right environment are also key for healthy fruit. 

This is why it is always recommended that you are doing as much research as possible about growing tomatillos before you actually plant your first tree. For example, many people didn’t know that you need to have two trees for you to have tomatillos successfully. If you are caring for the tree correctly, problems like small fruit, or no fruit at all will be excluded. 

Other Tomatillo Trees Growing Tips to Remember

why are my tomatillos so small

These are some of the tomatillo growing tips that you need to remember to have a healthy tree and fruit. With these tips, you will not have problems with small fruit.

You need to remember that tomatillos want warm soil. They can’t handle frost and cold. So, you need to plant it during the hottest part of the year. The tomatillo plant needs support when it is still a small tree. The branches can get injured easily and this can cause damage to your plant. The support can be removed as the plant grows and settle in the ground. You should water your plant evenly. The plant needs even moisture, or some parts of the tree will rot while the other part will grow successfully. 

If you are living in a hot climate, you need to consider shade in the late afternoon. Meaning that the tomatillos should be planted in a partial sun environment. In the areas where it isn’t as hot, full sun is required. It might be a great idea to cover your tree during the harsh winter months. Especially if the tree is still small enough to be covered.


A problem that many people are struggling with is having a tomatillo tree that is giving really small fruit. Or, giving husks that are empty and where you don’t get any fruit. This can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know why this is happening.

With this guide, you are getting some more information about why your tomatillos are so small, and what you can do about it.

Making sure that you are always enjoying your tomatillos, at their normal size.