A Step-by-step Guideline On How To Hold A Dart

Darts throwing game is known to be one of the most popular pastimes. But are you sure that you know how to hold a dart correctly before throwing it to the dartboard? We bet that your answer is NO.

Then, why don’t you read the article below to learn more about this topic? We will show you the details!

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How To Hold A Dart – Here Is What You Need!

In general, you should follow our five simple steps below!

1. Place At Least Three Fingers

You know, in a darts throwing game, it is vital to keep the dart under control and notice your fingers… In fact, many players often hold a dart with two, three, or even four fingers. But, in our opinion, you should use at least three fingers to grip darts more firmly. Also, to avoid scratches, you should save other fingers from the dart.

Next, you need to hold the dart’s barrel by three first fingers. If you want to hold it more stably, you could use your ring finger to grip the end of it.

Many tips to remember are that you can see the tip or the flight at the back of the dart; please don’t grip them. Plus, instead of curling your fingers while gripping, you should try to let them free and long.

Don’t use many darts with shorter barrels because they only allow you to hold with fewer than three fingers. Therefore, darts with longer barrels are always the best choice to make a perfect grip.

2. Hold The Grip Firmly

how to hold a dart correctly

People often mistakenly believe that the tighter they grip the dart, the more strongly they can throw it. As far as we’re concerned, darts is a game for comfort and relaxation.

When you grip your darts too firmly, it means you can’t throw them easily and effectively. As a result, you should just hold the darts steadily enough to control it well and throw it with no tense. 

3. Place The Darts At Your Eye Level

The next step is to take the dominant arm to the front and hold the dart with your fingers. Then, you bring the darts to your eye’s side and steadily hold your shoulder. Your elbow needs to be ensured to point right at the dartboard.

Besides, you are advised to line up your shoulder, elbow, and hand at a 90-degree angle, and it’s better to bring your elbow a bit up.

4. Keep The Tip Of The Dart Up

If you are a darts throwing beginner, there’s a useful tip that you should point the dart’s tip-up. Don’t point it down since your arm will feel uncomfortable, which makes it difficult to throw the darts without flaws.

Plus, identify your target on the dartboard and align the tip with it. You shouldn’t point to the left or right of your goal that usually makes you throw in the wrong direction.

5. Aim Directly At Your Goal 

To determine exactly your target, you had better use your dominant eye. This eye is usually known to be on one side as the dominant arm. It shows that in case you are left-handed, your dominant eye will be the left one.

You can try to open your dominant eye, close your other eye, and aim directly at your target on the dartboard.


how to hold a dart when throwing

1. How Can I Improve My Darts?

To enhance your darts throwing technique, you just need to practice hard according to our above steps. To be specific, bring your hand to the front first, and hold the darts stably.

Then, stabilize your shoulder, and raise the dart to the eye’s side.

Finally, align your hand, shoulder, and elbow at a right angle, and put your elbow up to a slight extent. That’s all!

2. Should You Spin a Dart When You Throw It?

You should know that if you spin the dart, the precision of the throw will be reduced significantly because the dart will be in the situation of moving sideways.

This flaw can also be made if you put your fingers on top of the dart. Thus, we advise you not to spin it while throwing.

3. What Makes a Good Dart?

If you want to buy tungsten darts, the rate of tungsten in the barrels, as well as the dart’s quality, are the crucial factors you need to embrace.

You should choose a dart with a higher rate of tungsten so that the dart will have a nice soft & steel tip, which offers you a comfortable throw.


After this straightforward article, you guys must understand how to hold a dart accurately, don’t you? Fundamentally, to play darts throwing game, there are five necessary steps as mentioned to maintain a good grip.

If you practice as our instructions, we believe that you could manage to master this pastime. 

Thank you!

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